Syria – a Reality Check

Mounting evidence now makes it abundantly plain that this “poison gas attack” was staged by ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) friends in order to dupe Trump into okaying an attack upon the Syrian air force.

1) The “attack”, itself, makes no sense as portrayed by the Cartel Media. Assad could never have anything other than disadvantages from such an act.

2) The first “report” of the alleged attack was made many hours before it actually took place.

3) Almost all of the “victims” were kidnapped by an ISIL splinter group some days before from neighbouring villages.

4) The “rescue vehicles” shown at the alleged attack site are the same ones which were used for the kidnappings

5) If you handle a Sarin gassed corpse with bare hands, you are going to get Sarin poisoned as well. The “rescuers” all handle the “bodies” with bare hands. Why are the “victims” naked? There has never been any claim by the manufacturers that Sarin will make your clothes vanish!

6) The ISIL splinter group, known as “The White Helmets”, present at both kidnapping and “gassing” sites, is financed from the US and UK and controlled from there. Connections with Soros and the Clintons have been intimated.

7) You don’t “just happen” to have 59 Cruise Missiles armed and programmed to reach a specific target in Syria. A minimum of 2 weeks preparation are needed (probably much longer according to some commentators with detailed knowledge of and experience in military logistics.) This means that the “response” was planned long before the event. Some say probably during the reign of Obama bin Barak.

8) Peace talks aimed at a permanent settlement were about to begin.

9) The very last thing that the cartels want is peace and stability in Syria. The Trump policy of defeating ISIL to enable that peace would have ended the European migrants crisis and defused tensions between Russia and the USA.

10) The immediate and most obvious effect of the US attack on Syria is the (hopefully temporary) ending of the US/Russian co-operation to defeat the terror groups: Almost certainly the actual objective of the “gas attack”, showing clearly that the perpetrators are ISIL & Co. and the victims, humanity as a whole.

Who is pulling the strings here? It has certainly nothing to do with Assad – he is just the cartels’ “whipping boy”.

A “High degree of Confidence”

–  that the Syrian military carried out a poison gas attack on civilians in Idlib. This is claimed by the Trump administration as justification for attacking a Syrian air force base.

How has this “high degree of confidence” been reached?

As any policeman, detective, fan or author of detective novels or, indeed, anyone who customarily thinks clearly and logically before drawing conclusions will tell you: The first question you ask in any investigation of criminal activity is, “Who benefits? (Quo Bono? for readers with a legal bent.) So let us apply this question.

Does the Assad regime benefit?
    No, they lose US help in defeating ISIL and similar, they lose parts of an air base, they lose tripartite Russian / US/ Syrian front to defeat ISIL and similar and the best chance for years of restoring peace and stability to Syria.

Do ISIL and friends benefit?
    Yes, the effect has been to seriously weaken the military and political co-operation which was rapidly destroying them.

Then we must examine the evidence as presented.

The first report of the gas attack:
    came from an Orient TV reporter at 5.42 a.m. on the fourth of April! Many hours before the alleged attack!

Who is Orient TV?
    it is a television station originally based in Syria but now in Dubai.
From the extremely unbalanced “reporting” on their website it is clear that they are little more than a mouthpiece for ISIL and friends. Also clear from their website is that they have direct connections with the high command of these groups. Small wonder that they were able to report on the “attack” before it happened.

Who were the victims?
    mostly, it seems, around 250 villagers kidnapped some days previously by ISIL friends “The White Helmets” from Majdal and Khattab; two villages in government controlled territory.

How did the “victims” get there?
    as the same vehicles used in the kidnapping were also present as part of the “rescue operation” the presumption must be that the “victims” were brought there by the kidnappers.

What do we know about The White Helmets?
    an ISIL splinter group known to have murdered hundreds to further the aims of ISIL. Funded from the US and the UK and controlled from the UK.

From where do we get most of the “victim” reports?
    “Dr.” Shajul Islam who once was a medical doctor but had his licence revoked for gross misconduct. Although he claims to be caring for hundreds of poison gas victims, he is, instead, filming, tweeting and telephoning.
    The “victims” shown in his videos do NOT act like Sarin gas victims (see Wikipedia for symptoms). Much more they just look totally bemused, very much like “what the **** is going on here?”

The “destruction” of the hospital to prevent examination of the “victims”.
    Try as I might, I can find no evidence that this happened. Online searches on a variety of search engines and news channels show nothing about hospital bombings in Syria later than February this year.

To complicate matters:
    This area is still in ISIL hands and we, therefore, have to rely exclusively upon THEIR claims about what happened.

Present conclusion:
    Very probably a “false flag” attack blaming the Assad regime to obtain the benefits shown above.
No other conclusion is, at present, tenable. Although this action has slowed down the liberation of Idlib, it is to be hoped that proper investigations will soon be possible.

Blessed be

Karma Singh    
9th April 2017