The demise of a Harridan and (probably) the biggest Ego-Trip in History 

Due to a new law which was rushed through the German Parliament yesterday, I have had to move my newsletters out of the reach of the german Chancellor’s office. This provisional website will soon be made prettier.

Still wondering why President Trump refused to shake hands with Chancellor Merkel? Let me give you some indicators.

1)    Yesterday, 5th April 2017, emergency legislation was rushed through the Bundestag (the German parliament – Am: Congress) giving Mrs. Merkel’s office the power of total censorship over all german websites. As of today, if there is anything upon your website critical of the chancellor, telling the true history of Germany, discussing or giving information about the true status of Germany, revealing anything about the mass-arrests of Merkel critics – so many that criminals are being given early release in order to house the thousands of political prisoners and, even then, they are crowded three to a cell built for one – ; in fact anything that she doesn’t like you can be fined twenty million Euros! Indications are that recourse to the courts may well be denied, probably because this new “law” contravenes articles 1, 2, 5, 7, 18, 20, 33 and, possibly, some others of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany. I just picked these very obvious ones out quickly flipping through the book.
The Basic Law is that which Germany presently uses instead of a constitution.

My newsletters are, I know, forwarded by many bloggers and the like in their newsletters. Those whose websites are hosted in Germany or who, themselves, live in Germany will need to remove parts of this next paragraph which, under the new law passed yesterday, could bring a €20.000.000,00 “fine”.

The reason why Germany does not have a constitution is:
The Federal Republic of Germany is not a state (confirmed by the International Court in The Hague 2006 and ex-President Obama bin Barak 2009). It is the administrative authority set up by America, Britain and France to govern the occupied territory on their behalf. That is still the present status of Germany – an occupied land following military defeat.

German based bloggers will have to use this version –

The reason why Germany does not have a constitution is:
(This information has been censored by fiat order of the Chancellor’s Office in the Bundestag, Berlin, Germany.)

2)    Insider sources in the German police and military make the following complaints:
Within the mass-migration, there are a number of small groups of ardent criminals. There has been considerable press about the rapes but very little about the street daylight mugging, especially of older people. Police officers have been told that if they do anything to hinder these robbers, they will be sacked from their jobs. Additionally, they have received orders to arrest anyone who attempts to stop the robbers and to charge them with racial harassment.
Let me give this suggestion back (German based bloggers will have to delete this): You know who and where these robbers are. What do you do in your free time?    

The German military has been told to expect large-scale civil unrest within the next 12 months and are receiving special training: Not to protect the German people from banditry and invasion but solely to rescue German politicians from the chaos which they have caused!    
How about doing your own training and planning in your off-duty hours?

3)    In a few months’ time, there will be a general election in Germany. Although this is likely to unseat Merkel, it will not deprive her of power as her “replacement” will almost certainly be another Bilderberg appointee who will take orders from her.

And now, the World’s biggest Ego-Trip!

A few days ago, the chancellor’s office announced that Germans will have to PAY to see her election speeches (and, presumably, those of her colleagues) on German television! Three days’ later I’m still so gob-smacked, in fact my flabber has never been so gasted, that I have nothing to say.

This “Rock-Star” massive ego behaviour would certainly not endear her to President Trump.

Personally, I suspect that she had been trying to tell President Trump how to run America for his personal benefit whereas his actions certainly indicate most strongly a preference for running things for the benefit of the American people. As a “sweetener” to her diatribe, she probably threatened him with “The Bilderberg’s Revenge” if he didn’t toe the line and follow the bankers’ interests she has been personifying the last decade and more.

So what does all this tell us most clearly?

That the bankers expect to lose control of Germany in the near future and are pulling out all the stops to prevent a mass awakening of the German people.
It also tells us that we are on the verge of a major victory.
Will the prophecies which foretell that Germany will lead mankind out of chaos and bitterness into peace and truth shortly be fulfilled?

It appears to be up to you!

Blessed be

Karma Singh
6th April 2017