Trump’s Air Attack in Syria hit the CIA!
Putin was warned and de-activated the entire air defence system

The following is a translation of an article which appeared in “Epoch Times” on the 9th April 2017. The original article can be read here:

Following Donald Trump’s air attack in Syria, his opponents at home have a problem: They must now praise him in public.

There are many indications that Trump’s reaction to the putative poison-gas attack last Tuesday was a very clever chess move against the US secret services and was supported by Russia.

The US attack on Thursday evening was aimed at an aerodrome in Homs, Syria but the runway was almost completely undamaged. Late on Friday, Syrian jets could, once again, take off and land there.

US president Trump tweeted an explanation as to why the runway is not normally attacked – it is too easy to repair.

The air force base, needed for the fight against ISIL, is still in use. All the same, men were killed and several wounded. Six MiG-23 planes were destroyed together with a store, a training building, a canteen and a radar station.
(A small fraction of the damage portrayed on Fox News with much “trick photography” and the cobbling together of unrelated items as though they made a coherent picture – comment added by Karma Singh 10th April ’17.)

USA warned Russia

Russia was warned of the attack and Russian officials then warned Syria. Pentagon spokesman, Jeff Davis said, “The Russian troops were warned in advance of the attack via a line especially constructed to reduce conflicts”.
Further, “US military planners took care to reduce the risk for Russian and Syrian workers at the air-base.” Even the Russian news agency TASS confirmed the warning.

Syria had expected it

A Syrian source informed the AFP that preparations had been made in more than one military base. “We heard of the American threat and expected the bombing of Syrian territory.”
The Assad government called the attack “blatant aggression” refrained, however, from calling it “an act of war”.
The strangest thing is that neither the Russians nor the Syrians activated their air defence systems in order to neutralise the attack. On the following morning, TASS reported that the Russian air defence system is active 24 hours per day and that Putin had immediately despatched the frigate “Admiral Grigorowitsch” which is armed with many SS-N-27 anti-ship missiles to take up station before the coast of Syria. (report, Russian news agency FAN)

Smallest military Option

For Trump it was, according to the “New York Times“, (a heavyweight Trump opponent and inventor of many fake news stories about him – K.S.) the most limited military option suggested to him.

How does it help Trump?

If Trump had abstained from the rocket attack but continued with the planned meetings between his Foreign Secretary and Russian officials next week to forge a deeper coalition against ISIL, then the neo-conservatives and Democrats in Congress would cry ever louder that Trump is a Russian marionette.
John McCain and Lindsey Graham have had, literally, the wind taken out of their sails and are forced to cheer the rocket attack.
Following the strike, Trump can now begin de-escalating tensions with Moscow and build a coalition that fights ISIL and not Assad.
In the assessment of the Deutschen Wirtschafts Nachrichten (German economic news) the whole thing could be a master chess move by Trump to boot out the secret services which are opposing him at home in the USA, in Syria and world-wide.
The CIA and the “Deep State” now have a problem: they must now praise their deadly enemy – at least in public.

A CNN moderator even went so far as to say, “I think that, yesterday evening (Thurs 6th April) Donald Trump finally became president of the United States. I think that this is a great moment.” Zerohedge reported “trump has gone through an interesting metamorphosis and has become an adult.”

Just a piece of Theater?

Sean Spicer, Trump’s Press Secretary, described the briefing process in some detail at a press conference in the White House through which Trump came to the decision to strike against the Assad military. He emphasised that the president had been thoroughly informed and had only acted after great deliberation. He did, however, also give an insight into Trump’s feelings of being greatly shaken by the poison gas attacks on women and children.
“Right from the beginning, it was very unsettling, tragic and disturbing for him.” said Spicer.
Asked by a journalist whether Trump was even a little sceptical, Spicer replied “no”.

A sudden  Change of Opinion

If we allow, for a moment, that the strike is what it superficially appears to be then Trump went through a dramatic change of stance within one week: A change which makes absurd everything that he had said and tweeted during the previous years. It is not without cause that Trump voters were distraught.   

How does it all fit together? Just a few days ago, the US Foreign Secretary, Tillerson, declared that Assad could remain in power and his fate could only be decided by the Syrian people.
On Tuesday, following the poison gas incident, Trump immediately said, “It is highly possible and has, in fact, already happened that my stance on Syria and Assad has geartly changed.”

Discrepancies over the Poison-Gas attack

The poison gas attack event is doubted from many sides.
ARD and ZDF (the quasi-governmental television stations in Germany) report that it is far from clear who carried out the attack which killed 86 people, including 27 children, and when it took place.
Syria’s foreign minister, Al-Muallim, stated that there was a Syrian air force attack around 11.30 that morning. “A great many pictures and reports from activists had already appeared in social media many hours before”, reported “Heute de” (one of Germany’s high-ranking news channels). Eyewitnesses from Chan Scheichun also reported air attacks on Tuesday morning.
The former UN commissioner for disarmament, Angela Kane, said on Friday evening in ARD that it is not definitely proven that a poison gas attack had actually taken place. So far there is only the test results from ONE laboratory in Turkey and it is not even known whether they have the necessary equipment to carry out such a test. “You can’t treat that as 100% reliable evidence.” said Kane according to AFP.

Impolitic for Assad

Why should Assad’s forces, in the face of the military and diplomatic successes of the past few months carry out a poison gas attack? For Assad, such would have been strategically very ill-advised. That is why Ron Paul, long-time member of the US Congress, said, “There is not the remotest chance that Assad deliberately did this.”
Much points to a false flag operation carried out by some other. The Syrian government supportive newspaper “Al-Watan” claims that Turkey was responsible.
Assad has no use for a poison gas attack after he has finally received the approval of the USA.
Ankara, however, views the rapprochement between Damascus and Washington as anathema, according to the newspaper.

The fact that the poison gas attack is so doubted, makes Trump’s reaction even stranger.

A Trap for the CIA?

Should a false flag attack by the secret services come to light then, after his air strike, he has the following card in his hand: He can accuse the secret services of having deliberately mis-informed him (just as they did with Bush to begin the Iraq war). This gives Trump a pretext to clean-up the CIA and to bring everything that had been done secretly to the light of day.
The DWN (Deutsche Witschafts Nachrichten) has written that Trump has laid the power back into the hands of the military. His course is: The army is responsible for warfare, not the secret service!