American Bill to force War with Russia passed in Senate.

Now goes to the House for completion

Due to a law which was rushed through the German Parliament in April, I have had to move some of my newsletters here, out of the reach of the german Chancellor’s office.


When Adolf Hitler partially freed the German people from exploitation by the banking cartel, strange new laws began to appear in many countries of the world which were all aimed at weakening Germany both economically and strategically. The undeniable intent was to push Germany into a situation in which it had no choice other than a pre-emptive strike. This enabled the painting of Germany as the aggressor and “justified” the Second World War from which the sole victors were the banking cartel. Exactly the same tactic was used against Japan with the same intent and the same result.

Yesterday, 24th July 2017, just such a law was passed by the US Senate entitled “Countering Iran’s Destabilizing Activities Act of 2017“. Sound harmless enough if you know very little about Iran.

Further down in the text of this Bill there stands: “TITLE II—Sanctions with respect to the Russian Federation and combating terrorism and illicit financing”.
Here, the Russian Federation is declared to be a terror organisation. All economic and military co-operation between the USA and the RF (for example, the current co-operation to destroy ISIL) is to be forbidden. The US military is ordered to attack and destroy all “not permitted” deliveries of goods from the RF to its allies. The Trump government is to be forced to follow the same politics as the European Union (already 100% under banking cartel control) with regards to Russia and much more with very, very ill intent.
All this because Putin, just as Hitler did, took over a country devastated by the banking cartel and threw the bankers out.

Just as with Germany 82 years ago and Japan shorrtly thereafter, the Russian Federation is to be forced into a corner from which a pre-emptive strike is the only way out.
This is the way in which the banking cartel plans to win their third world war in succession.

You can read the entire bill here:

The Bill has now to be submitted to the House of Representatives for their deliberation and approval.

Do you want this warmonger’s law?
Get active. Make it public. Demand that your representative in the House delete the entire attack on Russia from the bill. Urge Trump to veto it.

Investigation will quite possibly reveal that Obama bin Barak, the Clintons, Soros etc. are back of this. If the link can be proven, this bill is enough to arrest them and charge them with Crimes against Humanity or even high treason against the American people.

What are you going to do?

Blessed be

Karma Singh
25th July 2017